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Paine, Thomas (1737-1809), American writer and philosopher.

Parker, Dorothy (1893-1967), American writer, satirist, and poet.

Parton, Dolly Rebecca (1946-  ), American country music singer.

Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662), French mathematician and philosopher.

Paterno, Joseph Vincent “Joe” (1926-2012), American football coach.

Paterson, Isabel M. (1886-1961).

Patrick, Dan (1957-  ), American sportscaster and talk show host.

Patte, Dustin.

Patton, George Smith III (1885-1945), American general.

Paul VI (1897-1978), Pope.

Penn, Arthur.

Penn, William (1644-1718), English Quaker minister.

Perez, Rafael.

Perry, Oliver Hazard (1785-1819), American naval officer.

Peter, Irene.

Peter, Laurence J. (1919-1990), Canadian writer.

Pfluger, Elizabeth.

Phelps, William Lyon (1865-1943), American educator and literary critic.

Phillips, Emo, American comedian.

Philpots, Lettice.

Picasso, Pablo Ruiz y (1881-1973), Spanish artist.

Plato (427?-348? B.C.), Greek philosopher.

Plutarch (45-120), Greek writer and biographer.

Pollock, Channing (1880-1946), American writer and playwright.

Pólya, George (1887-1985), Hungarian mathematician.

Poole, Mary Pettibone, American writer.

Pope, Alexander (1688-1744), English poet and essayist.

Pope, Nick (1965-  ), British UFO researcher.

Poserina, James Raymond “Jim” (1977-  ).

Post, Andrew.

Post, Emily Price (1872-1960), American writer and expert on etiquette.

Postrel, Virginia, American writer and commentator.

Powell, John.

Powell, William.

Poye, Poye.

Prager, Dennis (1948-  ), American political commentator.

Prefontaine, Steve Roland (1951-1975), American distance runner.

Preston, John Smith (1809-1891), American politician and general.

Princess Bride, The.

Prochnow, Herbert Victor (1897-1998), American banker.

Proust, Marcel Valentin-Louis-George-Eugene (1871-1922), French author.


Proverb, African.

Proverb, Amish.

Proverb, Arabic.

Proverb, Buddhist.

Proverb, Bulgarian.

Proverb, Chinese.

Proverb, Danish.

Proverb, English.

Proverb, Flemish.

Proverb, French.

Proverb, German.

Proverb, Greek.

Proverb, Haitian.

Proverb, Hasidic.

Proverb, Hungarian.

Proverb, Irish.

Proverb, Italian.

Proverb, Japanese.

Proverb, Latin.

Proverb, Maori.

Proverb, Polish.

Proverb, Portuguese.

Proverb, Scottish.

Proverb, Spanish.

Proverb, Swedish.

Proverb, Swiss.

Proverb, Yiddish.

Proverb, Zen.

Putnam, Israel (1718-1790), American general.

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