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Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell.
BornJune 30, 1930
Gastonia, North Carolina
American economist and writer. Syndicated columnist. Ph.D. in Economics, Unviersity of Chicago, 1968. Author of Basic Economics, Applied Economics, and The Quest for Cosmic Justice. Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

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If I were to get to heaven, I would probably find an exhausted guardian angel who had been getting me out of trouble all these years.


Big differences that can be worked out are less dangerous than small differences that can’t be.


My computer operating system is so out of date that people don’t even write viruses for it any more.


Ignorance is preferable to the illusion of knowledge.


Nothing will protect an illogical idea from criticism like calling it practical.


Being smart is what keeps some people from being intelligent.

Politics and Government

Politics is the art of making your selfish desires seem like the national interest.


We have tears for when we have nothing else.

Politics and Government

Our national problems usually do not cause nearly as much harm as the solutions.

Growing Old

Old age at least gives me an excuse for not being very good at things that I was not very good at when I was young.


One of the great meaningless phrases of our times is: “I take full responsibility.” This does not mean that you are prepared to pay the consequences for what you have done. On the contrary, this statement is usually offered instead of taking the consequences.

Right and Wrong

Have you ever known a time when there was so much talk about ethics -- or so little practice of it?


Considering that we all enter the world the same way and leave in the same condition, we spend an awful lot of time in between trying to show that we are so different from other people.


Trust is one of those things that is much easier to maintain than it is to repair.

DeathDoctors and HealthFunny

Once I realized how expensive funerals are, I began to exercise and watch my diet.


It is amazing how many people who phone ask to know who you are instead of telling you who they are.


Don’t you get tired of seeing so many “non-conformists” with the same non-conformist look?


A husband should not teach his wife to drive and a wife should not teach her husband to drive. Driving lessons are a lot cheaper than a divorce.


When you have 90 percent of what you want, think twice before insisting on the other 10 percent.


The beauty of doing nothing is that you can do it perfectly.

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