Project 50: Thanks and Acknowledgments

Project 50: The Grand Tour of America.

While Project 50 is one man's quest and while the vast majority of the traveling I've done in conjunction thereof has been solo, there were a few people who tagged along for part of the ride and I'd be remiss not to recognize them here for their sacrifice in indulging me in my quest:

Vanya Cohen - for being with me in Boston, and Concord, and Trenton; and for humoring me while I dragged you to Montpelier and Augusta, hundreds of miles out of the way.

Steve LaVista - for telling me where the New Jersey welcome sign was.

Chris Norton - for pointing out how I wasn't smiling in any of my early pictures.  If they ever have a roast in my honor, I'll know you'll be up on the dais, dishing it out at my expense.

Mark Solino - for humoring me in what must have seemed like an odd request by taking me to the capitol in St. Paul during my layover in Minneapolis.

David Steinke - who was there for the Washington state line photo.