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Jim's Joke Repository is a collection of hundreds of humor files on a wide variety of topics.  I have come across these files mostly via emial from my friends, and later on, you the surfers.  I used to read joke files emailed to me, copy them to a directory, and forget about them.  Then one day I looked at that directory and there were about 30 files there.  And so in March of 1997 Jim's Joke Repository was launched. 

Now in almost its third year, Jim's Joke Repository has grown to over 400 files and tens of thousands of individual jokes, as well as on pace to draw 53,000 visitors a year and undergoing this long-due makeover.  My aim is both simple and what it always has been, to provide Internet passersby with a few moments of lighthearted pleasure betwixt the hours of cold harshness that is the world in which we live.  That, and to lower American productivity a few more points (only kidding!).

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Jim Poserina
January 22, 1999

Andy Andrews, Ryan Berse, Brandon, Jason "Flipsta" Brant, Vanya Cohen, Jeff Dunne, Shafik El-Sahragty, Ted Emiliani, Shirley Eng, Mike Faraher, Alex Garbeck, Laura Glynn, Robin Goldstein, Tyrone Gramby, Paul Ilardi, Hooman Jalili, Megan Jones, Debra Kammerer, Robert Kissell, Lou Klein, Philip Levy, Justin Liew, Ben Lin, Matt Lippis, Kyle Lloyd, Leanne Nieglos, Frieda Norris, Bela Patel, Mike Poserina, Robert Poserina, Ronald Poserina, Jr., Ronald Poserina, Sr., Ahsun Saleem, Celeste Samuels, Clive Schaupmeyer, Adil Shahzad, David Sorkin, Terry Stratoudakis, Scott Svoboda, Larry Tiankee, Adam Tomaszewski, Viral Trivedi, Vin Varkey, Danielle Ward, Dave Wisneski, Matt Wosniak, and Mike Zucker.